Tips and Tricks Eccentric Tome Minecraft 2023

Learn all about the beloved classic game of Eccentric Tome Minecraft. Get tips and tricks on playing, as well as learning what makes it one of the most popular games around.

Eccentric Tome Minecraft
Eccentric Tome Minecraft

Are you ready to take your Minecraft adventures to the next level? Put those basic mining and building skills to good use and uncover something extraordinary in an eccentric tome! Whether you've been playing for years, or are just getting started with this classic sandbox game - an exquisite exploration awaits. Crafting a journey through time-warped environments, secret passages, and mind-bending puzzles can provide immense satisfaction as well as hours of entertainment. Make sure you read up on the essentials so that you can excel and achieve success within this unique world.

Eccentric Tome Minecraft

The Eccentric Tome is a revolutionary mod that solves one major issue: Guidebook management! With the Tome, your guidebooks don't have to be strewn all over - they can be combined into a single item and retrieved whenever you need them. Plus, there's no limit to how many books you can fit inside it making this an infinite solution for organization in your gaming adventures.

The mod was inspired by the increasingly popular Minecraft game and its vast potential for creativity. With Eccentric Tome, players can keep track of recipes, plans, or any other useful information in a convenient and easy-to-access format. It's also incredibly customizable; users can change the color scheme to match their own personal aesthetics. Whether you're a hardcore Minecrafter or just looking to keep things organized, Eccentric Tome is the perfect mod for you. Get it today and take your Minecraft experience to the next level.


Create your Tome by combining a book and a bookcase in the crafting grid.

Eccentric Tome Minecraft

Create a tome by combining other books in the crafting grid to bind them together.

Eccentric Tome Minecraft


  • To quickly access your book selection, simply press the right mouse button while holding Tome.
  • While holding Tome, press the Shift and Right-click keys to transform the block you are viewing into a book.
  • Utilize a left click to turn the book back into its Tome form.
  • To free a book from the tome, press and hold Shift + Q.


Single-use items in the tome will remain single-use.

Be aware that if you were to lose or damage an item such as a Tome of Helmets or Galactic Tome, the Eccentric Tome and all the books stored within it would likewise be damaged beyond repair.


The project would benefit immensely from your translations and bug fixes! Please read the guidelines for contributing before you submit a pull request. We look forward to seeing what kind of great contributions you can make.

In the end, Eccentric Tome Minecraft: A Guide to the Classic Video Game is essential for any Minecraft novice or master. This guide covers the basics of playing, crafting, and building as well as some more advanced tips and tricks. Now that you've read this blog post, it's time to take your own adventures in the land of Minecraft. However, if you're looking for a different style of exploration experience or have exhausted all of your creative possibilities with this classic video game title there are many great options for city-building games available for Xbox One. For more inspiration and a good selection of alternatives check out our list of 20 Best City Building Games for Xbox One. It's sure to provide tons of fun.


How do I add books to eccentric tome?

-Akashic Tome is a special item produced solely by the same company. Crafting it with any desired book in an assembling grid will add that book to your collection inside of the Tome! You can have several identical books if you desire, and right-clicking on the Tome will open an interface that displays all added books; choosing one transforms your Akashic Tome into exactly what you selected.

How do you use tomes in Minecraft?

-In order to make use of it, the Ancient Tome must be disenchanted before you can apply it within an Anvil and therefore rid yourself of a Curse.

What is Akashic Tome in Minecraft?

-Akashic Tome is the perfect mod for any player looking to enhance their Morph-o-Tool gaming experience. Its addition is a single item, crafted out of one Book and one Bookshelf - The Akashic Tome itself! This ingenious tool allows players to navigate through large mod packs with ease, as every single mod now has its very own in-depth documentation book included.

How do you use Akashic Tome in Minecraft?

-The Akashic Tome is exclusively crafted with the book of your choice to store multiple copies. To begin filling it, simply craft it in a crafting grid along with any number of books you'd like. When right-clicking on the item itself, an interface will appear displaying all of its contents - and once you've selected one, the tome turns into that exact volume.

Why rewrite Akashic Tome?

-The original Akashic Tome maintainers neglected to test their 1.18.1 release, resulting in a broken mod that needed swift rectifying. I was able to identify and fix the issue with only two lines of code; however, my pull request went unanswered for nearly a month! Realizing this would not do, I closed my pull request and developed this mod instead - proving once again why testing is so important for successful products.

How is Eccentric Tome different from Akashic Tome?

-Unlike Akashic Tome, Eccentric Tome is suitable for Minecraft version 1.18.1 and does not necessitate AutoRegLib to be installed beforehand. Furthermore, the GitHub repository that Vazkii created for Akashic Tome has no license attached, meaning it "all rights reserved". I personally disagree with this decision; so I rewrote the mod completely using LGPL licensing which makes it available to all who wish to copy or learn from its codebase.

What do angels do in Minecraft?

-For the Minecraft enthusiast, Allays is an incredibly useful passive mob that can be tamed by players to collect and deliver specific items. These cute little blue critters spawn in Pillager Outposts as imprisoned mobs or lurking within Woodland Mansions.

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