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Get ready for endless hours of fun with our roundup of the best PS4 and PS5 games you can play right now. Explore your options and start playing today!

Despite the economic downturn and pandemic-induced delays, the highly anticipated PlayStation 5 is now becoming readily available. Take a ride into this new generation of gaming with ease!

If you are fortunate enough to get your hands on the shiny, new PS5 console, then you'll need some fantastic games that will do justice in showing off its power and capability! Thankfully, there is an abundance of great titles available for this amazing system.

Get ready to experience the very best of two gaming generations! We've rounded up an impressive selection of games for your PS5, from price-breaking blockbusters to hidden gems and remastered classics. Don't forget about backward compatibility either - a few incredible ports have been included from the tremendous library of titles on the PS4!

Best games to play on the PS5 now

1. Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy

Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy

Image credit: eidosmontreal

Eidos Montreal has managed to create a unique version of the widely known Marvel space pirates, with you tackling the role of Star-Lord. As a leader, your team is comprised of an early iteration of the Guardians who have recently weathered an intergalactic war and all come from different backgrounds replete with stories about loss and hardships that alter history as it's been told. Groot, Rocket, Gamora, and Draxx are there to accompany you on this journey. At its core, this solo journey teaches you the value of collaboration in exploration and combat, while simultaneously emphasizing that friends can be as close to family as anyone else.

2. Stray


Image credit: radiotimes

Stray is an adorable video game where you play as a stray cat - what more could you ask for!? Beyond its charming main character, the game offers intriguing puzzles, feline-inspired platforming, and an immersive post-apocalyptic narrative. The experience becomes even more enjoyable if there's someone else to share it with: like your own four-legged friend.

3. Deathloop


Image credit: vg247

Deathloop has been held with great esteem as one of the highest-ranking PS5 games, and this excellence has earned it many accolades - even a nomination for "Game of the Year" at The Game Awards 2021. Within an infinite timeline loop, you are tasked to eliminate eight 'Visionaries' before midnight or else face resetting your progress once again. Even though that may sound effortless in theory, you gradually learn new techniques on how to take down these Visionaries as each cycle passes by.

4. Sackboy: A Big Adventure

Sackboy: A Big Adventure

Sackboy: A Big Adventure is a joyous, charming platformer jam-packed with delightful and unexpected surprises. You'll join our brave hero, Sackboy as he traverses through different planets - think jungle or the bottom of the sea - to foil Vex's evil intentions (voiced by Richard E Grant). Not only does this game look like a celebration in an art store but its captivating level design is ingenious. Every bit of fluff has been constructed with tons of love and cheerfulness that you can detect from every corner.

5. Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart

Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart

Image credit: TechRader

Ratchet and Clank's newest game is a masterpiece, providing an incredible opportunity to experience the DualSense controller’s haptic feedback and audio. As expected, this beloved franchise returns with its iconic humor as well as introducing new characters that blend perfectly into the zany world. Buy it now to discover what your PS5 console can do - plus everyone in the family can enjoy it together.

6. Spider-Man Remastered

Spider-Man Remastered

Image credit: canbuyornot

When you own a PS5, no other superhero game can come close to Spider-Man in terms of acclaim. The remastered version of the game has improved graphics that already looked amazing and its story is recognized among all Spidey tales from various media forms. For anyone with an interest in superheroes, this must-buy game comes complete with the new Miles Morales title - talk about value.

7. Returnal


Image credit: pcgamer

Returnal is a demanding roguelike that looks and feels absolutely exceptional. You can almost feel the rain of Atropos through your controller as you explore this beautiful yet bleak world, with its neon hues against a monotone backdrop. When life runs out, the cycle starts all over again-giving you new opportunities to upgrade yourself while discovering weapons and alien technology along the way in different biomes throughout your journey–in search of what lies at their core.

8. Spider-Man Miles Morales

Spider-Man Miles Morales

Image credit: eurogamer

The highly anticipated Miles Morales sequel to Spider-Man was a tremendous success, creating another epic narrative that stands apart from its predecessor. With the recent addition of ray tracing effects, this game is now one of the most visually stunning titles for the new generation... It can be purchased on its own or in tandem with an updated version of Spider-man if you'd like to experience both stories.

9. God of War

God of War

Image credit: deadline

An already must-play title on the PlayStation 5, this game is now an absolute essential after its stunning visual upgrade. Whether you're a first-time player or revisiting it to be reminded why it's a classic, don't miss out! This reboot of the long-running franchise will take your breath away with Christopher Judge as one of its key voices and stellar graphics that demands to be experienced this year. Don't pass up playing one of 2021's biggest releases - make sure you pick up this gem today.

10. Assassin's Creed Valhalla

Assassin's Creed Valhalla

Image credit: eurogamer

Set in the midst of a bloody Viking invasion, Assassin's Creed Valhalla is an exciting and visually astonishing game that builds upon its predecessors with more immersive gameplay. With plenty to find on top of the engrossing campaign storyline, this hard-hitting title will keep players coming back for more.

11. The Last of Us Part 1

The Last of Us Part 1

Image credit: engadget

If you're lucky enough to be experiencing the PlayStation 5 for the first time, then The Last of Us is simply a must-play. This near decade-old game was initially released for the PS3, remastered onto the PS4 and now rebuilt from scratch specifically for your new console. 

You'll witness an awe-inspiring story that will move you on every level - but don't lose heart! You can take comfort in knowing there's another installment ready to play too that got just as much adoration from gamers alike.

12. Demon Souls

Demon Souls

Image credit: playstation

Have you experienced the game on PS3? If so, it may have been all that was available until this completely upgraded version. This remake offers a much-improved gaming experience and looks like an entirely new title! It's fantastic from start to finish; you'll be enraptured by its captivating qualities and incredible epic adventure.

13. Astro's Playroom

Astro's Playroom

Image credit: gameinformer

It may seem strange to suggest a game that was included with the PS5, but you absolutely must give it a go. Not only will this reveal how amazing the controller is on this console, but also provide hours of entertainment! You'll be pleasantly surprised by its captivating puzzles and spot-on sense of humor. We didn't even plan to play it; we just decided to try it out while waiting for another game install - yet ended up spending countless hours playing. That's when you know something is incredibly engaging.

14. Ghost of Tsushima Directors Cut

Ghost of Tsushima Directors Cut

Image credit: attackofthefanboy

Despite the critiques concerning its open-world environment, Ghosts of Tsushima successfully compensated with an amazing story, captivating visuals and incredibly thrilling combat. Consequently, this critically acclaimed game racked up several awards upon release and was one of PS4's bestsellers. Now remastered for the new Playstation 5 console, this delightful experience shows us once again that Sony puts great emphasis on delivering profound narratives in their games.

15. FIFA 23


Image credit: sportingnews

If you're a fan of FIFA, the newest installment - FIFA 23 - will be an absolute must-have. On the PS5 console in particular, this is an unmissable experience as it's never looked better with new HyperMotion Technology exclusively available on next-generation consoles. Get ready to take your gaming to another level and join millions of other players now enjoying FIFA 23 on their PS5 systems.

 16. Elden Ring

lden Ring

Image credit: areajugones

With Elden Ring, you'll know if this game is for you. Developed by FromSoftware and inspired by the original Dark Souls, it introduces an open-world setting to its signature style of masochistic gameplay. It's a refined version of their formula that provides more fun than ever before; suffering has never been so enjoyable.

17. Rocket League

Rocket League

Image credit: shacknews

Enjoy cars? Football? How about the word "free"? If your answer is yes to all, then you're in luck! Download Rocket League and immerse yourself in a pick-up and play a game like no other. The primary mode has you driving various vehicles while attempting to knock an enormous ball into your adversary's goalpost. Not only that but there are many different modes as well as tons of cars for testing out - so much fun awaits! And speaking of free - this marvelous game costs absolutely nothing now, which means you have zero reasons not to give it a go with the exception that it can be highly addictive at times. So what are you waiting for? Get playing Rocket League today.

18. Horizon Forbidden West

Horizon Forbidden West

Image credit: playstation

Horizon Forbidden West is a stunning sequel that doesn't try to reinvent the wheel. The world of giant robot dinosaurs will be there, but with even more exciting elements like its compelling story and interesting characters plus an abundance of charm. Not only does it offer the best side quests in gaming right now, but also serves as a reminder of why Aloy's journey was so captivating in the first place.


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