How To Get Dynamic Duo M Bundle In Free Fire MAX From Faded Wheel.

How To Get Dynamic Duo M Bundle In Free Fire MAX From Faded Wheel.

How to get dynamic duo M bundle in Free Fire MAX from the faded wheel. So let's go! Garena presents a variety of costume bundles and weapon skins for players to collect using in-game currencies by participating in unique events or spinning the luck royale. In this article, we'll explain how you can obtain the Dynamic Duo M bundle from Faded Wheel on Free Fire MAX.

The Faded Wheel is back with a bang! This time, it brings you Free Fire MAX's newest costume bundle - the 'Dynamic Duo M Bundle. Now players have a chance to spin and win exclusive gun skins alongside other exciting rewards. So, how do you get your hands on this glorious new bundle? Let us take an in-depth look into that right away!

Get Rewarded with Free Fire MAX's Faded Wheel!

Congratulations on your decision to embark on the exciting journey of claiming rewards from Free Fire MAX’s Faded Wheel! Before you start, let’s first review how this wheel works.

The Faded Wheel is a type of arcade-style monthly subscription feature developed by Garena for their battle royale game, Free Fire MAX. Every month, premium users who have subscribed to the service are able to enjoy special missions and privileges such as daily rewards and exclusive bundles. On top of that, they also get access to new content like weapon skins and character outfits from rotating in-game events that change each month. To make these thrilling experiences even more exciting, Garena has released a special wheel system – The Faded Wheel – where subscribers can spin it for free every day for different kinds of prizes.

Every spin will reward you one out of various possible prizes such as coins (which can be used for buying items within the game), diamonds (Garena's premium in-game currency), or weapon vouchers (which give you access to powerful weapons). In addition, if you're lucky enough to land on specific spots during your spin – 'Double Luck' – then all prize multipliers will be doubled! Double luck gives players an enhanced chance at winning one out of three exclusive grand prizes - specifically: Pet Food Boxes or Royal Joker Vouchers which allow you to purchase powerful skins and characters at discounted prices respectively; not to mention rare customizations that can only be acquired through these vouchers.

If players are able to collect enough tokens while spinning the faded wheel they will be able to receive bonus rewards as well! These bonus rewards include exclusive packages or vouchers containing bundles with diverse items such as golden boxes filled with valuable coins and diamonds redeemable throughout multiple games besides Free Fire MAX. So don’t delay any further - subscribe today and join the fun by spinning the fascinating faded wheel.

The magnificent rewards available in the Faded Wheel competition, excluding those included in the Dynamic Duo M bundle, are outlined below:

  1. Superstar Loot Box
  2. Lightning Strike Weapon Loot Crate
  3. Diamond Royale Voucher
  4. Gang Deputy (Bottom)
  5. Superstar Surfboard
  6. Gang Deputy (Top)
  7. Bumblebee Loot Crate
  8. 1x Cube Fragment
  9. Superstar Parachute
  10. Steps To Get Dynamic Duo M Bundle In Free Fire MAX

Get Dynamic Duo M Bundle In Free Fire MAX Step to Step

How To Get Dynamic Duo M Bundle In Free Fire MAX From Faded Wheel.

Unlock the Dynamic Duo M bundle with Free Fire MAX's Faded Wheel by following these steps:

Step 1: To begin, gamers should tap the Luck Royale section situated on the left side of their Free Fire MAX lobby.

Step 2: Now, move to the area of the faded wheel and take out two items from the prize pool.

Step 3: Finally, the players are now able to spin and draw on the hidden wheel. The price for each rotation differs from one another; here is how it goes:

Ready to be dazzled? On the first spin, you'll find 9 diamonds. Subsequently, on the second and third spins, 19 and 39 diamonds respectively will appear before your eyes. Your fourth spin shines with 69 glimmering gems while the fifth brings 99 twinkling treasures! And it gets even better - your sixth attempt promises a bounty of 149 sparkling stones while your seventh yields 199 alluring jewels! Finally, on your lucky eighth turn around this dazzling wheel of fortune awaits an astonishing total of 499 diamond-encrusted delights!

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