Genshin Impact version 3.5 update ‘Windblume’s Breath’ launches March 1


genshin impact version windblume's breath
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On March 1, developer miHoYo will launch the eagerly awaited “Windblume's Breath” update of version 3.5 for Genshin Impact!

Below is miHoYo's summary of the update:

This spring, the enchanting City of Mondstadt rejoices in anticipation of the return of the Windblume Festival! This celebration ushers in a variety of exciting challenges, rewards and reunions to be enjoyed by many who revel in its spirit of love and freedom. Participate in mini-games like 'Ballads Of Breeze', and 'Floral Pursuit' or take part in 'Breezy Snapshots'- an exclusive photo touring mode that will only be available for a limited time. Furthermore, foreign guests from Sumeru such as Collei, Tighnari, and Cyno join this grand event with their own mysterious prophecy that promises to set off on an adventure never experienced before!

The renowned Eremite Dehya is joining the playable roster, and she brings her giant claymore and Pyro power to combat. Her Elemental Skill creates a blazing field that not only deals Pyro damage to enemies within it but can also transfer part of the damage taken by allies onto herself! With her Elemental Burst, Dehya dismisses her claymore in favor of punches and cool kicks. The Knights of Favonius are fortunate enough to have Mika, the most energetic cartographer among them. He has no problem attacking his foes with a polearm and Cryo vision, not to mention using his crossbow for precision aiming. His four-star Elemental Skill further enhances the physical damage and attack speed of allies around him while offering HP recovery through Element Burst. You can look forward to Cyno's return in Version 3.5’s Event Wishes' first half followed by Mika’s debut plus Kamisayo Ayaka and Shenhe's rerun midway through it. The Event Wish will be excited to welcome Dehya in the first half of Version 3.6, and following its conclusion, she'll make her way into the Standard Wish lineup.

With Version 3.5, you'll have the opportunity to discover more about fresh characters, familiar comrades, and even the Traveler in Sumeru! Through Dehya’s Story Quest and Faruzan’s Hangout Event, explore their concealed pasts. The Traveler will be accompanying Dainsleif and Kaeya in uncovering what happened to their missing sibling - all while learning of a secret Abyss Order.

Players can look forward to an abundance of add-ons, optimizations, and updates from the game. Soon after, each Archon Quest completed will award an Intertwined Fate. Additionally, for all lovers of TCG out there: with three new Character Cards (Eula, Sangonomiya Kokomi & Kujou Sara) plus a limited run of 'Heated Battle Mode', where Elemental Dice are required as part of playing cards as well as casting Character Skills - you'll be sure to stay entertained.

It's time to experience the power of Genshin Impact! You can now find it on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and PC with its client and Epic Games Store download options, iOS via App Store downloads, and Android using Google Play. Plus don't forget - a Nintendo Switch version is in the works too - so get ready to take your adventures wherever you go!

Check out the brand-new trailer below and browse a fresh set of screenshots in our gallery for an exclusive preview:

Get Ready for an Unforgettable Experience – Introducing Version 3.5 Update!

English Trailer

Japanese Trailer

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